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Global Player

Recruiting platform to hire professional e-sport players

Global Player delivers performance data, endorsements, analytics and statistics about the e-sport professional players of League of Legends, which is one of the most popular, to Teams’ HR or coaches that are scouting to hire. They access the data and it helps them to find the player who has a better match for the team.


SEP 2022 - DEC 2022



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UI/UX Design

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Hiring a pro player is tricky as a number of factors count when selecting a new hire. During interviews and also analyzing the gaming industry, it was found that the companies that run the competitive teams still use archaic methods to hire new players like referrals or superficial information.

User Interview Insights

After conducting the interviews and analyzing the answers from the participants we can conclude the following:

  • Esports (League of Legends) is a competitive field around the world. Additionally, professional players are highly skilled and the hiring process becomes harder.
  • The hiring process basically consists: The first step is to search for the rank and then is to get the statistics, then they have to meet the player and try to do an interview.
  • Before hiring a professional player, the recruiter goes over the statistics of every player in order to know how the performance has been ranked.
  • When the recruiter is not 100% convinced of hiring a pro player, there could be a training process to make sure the player is suitable for the team. Testing players before hiring is a must do.
  • In the hiring process, the captains can check players’ skills, roles etc but they don’t have enough time to talk or have interviews to know each other, such as playing style and stance for practicing.
  • Communication and personal skills are requirements taken into account when it comes to hiring a new player.
  • The company prioritizes players who have good attitudes and behaviour.




Relevant Data - Overall

In the dashboard page, there is a player ranking and the users can check the players’ overview, such as win rate, matches, KDA and so on.

Relevant Data - Individual

Clicking the specific player in the dash board, more details are shown up about the player. The user can gain more data in this page.

Compare Players' Performance

By comparing players’ performance, the user will be able to see side by side data of 2 players and compare their data. 

Player Reviews

By checking and giving reviews, the user will see different skills, crucial to  succeed and win all tournaments. For the soft skills section, only positive adjectives are used, which means the review expresses how personality the player has.  

Contact Pro Players

By contacting pro players, the user will keep in touch directly with them without any intermediary.



The logo is a combination of a world and a target. The green circle looks out of the blue one which is orbiting around the white shape. It is like the recruiter does with the player through our platform, which is Global Player. It’s dynamic, simple and versatile.

Colour Palette

Our app is designed in dark mode. Purple and Bright Green are our primary colours. For the purple, we use gradient purples for the background and cards. Bright Green is utilized for the parts that should be emphasized. They have a clear contrast. As secondary colours, Sky Blue and Dark Blue are applied. Sky Blue is a good accent colour same as Bright Green.



Chakra Petch, which are looped letterforms, is used for headings. It is a square sans-serif with tapered corners and it reminds futuristic technology.

Body & Buttons

We chose Gothic A1 for the body and button text. It is a versatile sans-serif typeface with multiple weights and optimized spatial distribution.

Icons & UI Components


Our icons are designed with a plain colour and single lines. They are enough outstanding due to the colour contrast.

UI Components

Our UI kit is futuristic, technological and dynamic. Users who work in the game industry could get into our world.