Who Am I?

My name is Aoi Netsu and
I am a UI/UX Designer!

Welcome to my portfolio! I am an accomplished UI/UX designer with a remarkable journey that has taken me from HR roles in Japan to my current role as a dynamic designer in Canada. Starting as a recruiter and HR assistant in Japan, my career took an exciting turn when I arrived in Canada and enrolled in a web design program at a Canadian college. This transition propelled me into the captivating realm of UI/UX design. Today, I am thrilled to contribute to a Japanese company as a fully remote UI/UX designer, actively engaged in an international project. This role perfectly combines my diverse experiences with my newfound design skills, allowing me to create user-centric solutions that resonate globally. My appreciation for design extends beyond aesthetics, recognizing its vital role in achieving business objectives. While my digital marketing knowledge is foundational, it enriches my design approach by blending visual appeal with functionality. Thank you for exploring my portfolio, and I’m eagerly anticipating the exciting opportunities ahead.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!