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Note-taking assistant mobile app for in-person meetings

WorkPal is an AI-powered meeting assistant that helps small businesses and start-ups who want to keep track of discussions and essential information, by automatically recording meetings, transcribing meeting notes, providing a summary, a transcript and transferring the tasks to the task management tools. WorkPal helps the user concentrate on the meetings, check later what they discuss and remember small details.


JAN 2023 - APL 2023


Mobile App

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UI/UX Design

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after effects, premiere pro


User Research

To understand deeper our target audience, we convey 27 interviews with professionals in multiple industries. We found that many people in different industries, especially fast-paced environment industries, are struggling to keep up clear memories of meeting details. There are real voices from the interviewees below. 

Competitor Analysis

It’s already a competitive industry. Nevertheless, we believe that we can compete with them by adding extra functions that help the users improve their productivity. 


Our team made some changes to the user flow during the project. The main features were updated based on feedback from developers and business professionals.


The main target is young professionals in the fast-paced environment and companies which are active to introduce technologies. There are 2 personas below.



Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings ahead of time and sync them with the user’s calendar for a better experience. The participants who the organizer registers on the app can receive the meeting invitation through the users’ email.

Record Meetings

When the users are in a hurry record, their meetings immediately, just by pressing a button. In this case, the host can add details in or after the meeting.

Check Meeting Details

After recording, the users will get the transcript, the summary and the task list based on the meetings. These reports are editable. Additionally, the users can play the recordings.

Export Meetings

Export the desired tasks and organize them on your favourite management tool. The tasks are assigned by AI according to the meeting.

Ask the Virtual Assistant

With AI technology, we developed RobotPal, an assistant that will help users with any questions regarding their meetings. They can access it from the summary, transcript or tasks pages.



“W” is the first letter of WorkPal, the name of our app. It is also inspired by the waveform, used to represent the sound of audio when being recorded. 

Colour Palette

Ocean Blue is our primary colour, which creates a great contrast and highlights the silhouette of the “W”, and Bluish purple for the text of our name to complement the primary colour. Caribbean Green is our secondary colour used to accentuate active functionalities and represents positive outcomes. Red Salmon is our tertiary colour used to communicate that action is required.


Main Typeface

Our main typeface is Carbona Test, which is sans-serif, very clean, readable and modern. It is applied to the heading and body text.

Instruction Typeface

As our secondary typeface, we use script one, Caveat, for our assistant’s instructions. The typeface is utilized only for short sentences with a few words.

Icons & UI Components


Our duotone icons are clean with rounded corners. The blue colour is for standard status, and the colour changes to the green when the icon is clicked. Concerning the red, it means to need more attention. 

UI Components

We designed a flat and modern UI kit. Furthermore, it is aimed at our target audience: young business people. The record button, which is our primary button, is made recognizable to highlight from the rest of the buttons in our main section.